Completion of our Baroque Church/Beer Tour

Today we finished up our weekend trip to see several Baroque Churches.  If you read yesterday’s post, you know we stayed over night in Buttenheim.  The cool thing about it is that we stayed in the Loewen Braeu Gaststaette.  Oh, they have excellent beer too — we had some of their beers yesterday!

Literally across the street was a Baroque Church.  Here are a couple of pictures.

From Buttenheim, we drove to Ebrach and visited the Kloster church there — this is quite possibly my favorite Baroque church in Germany … and that is saying a lot!  The pictures don’t do it justice … check out this site for more.

Two things that really inspired me in this church: 1) the integration of the beautiful rose window with the Pipe Organ and 2) the depiction of the Day of Pentecost on one of the side alters…

Oh, yeah, and I had my brew for the day here in Ebrach — the old Kloster Brewery-inspired beer … Ebrach Dunkel.

I never really found out who made this beer, but it was quite good.  We thoroughly enjoyed it!

If this wasn’t enough, the next stop on our journey was Neresheim AbbeyBalthasar Neumann’s masterpiece (also featured on the previous 50 Deutsche Mark bill).   (The Frescoes are amazing…)

The final tally for the weekend?  5 Baroque Churches, 1 “Romanesque” Basilica (with Renaissance/Baroque features), and 4 different “breweries.”

Oh, and a couple of wood carvings, but we won’t go into that!

Beer Mentor

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