Oldest Breweries Tour … Day 2

Ok, we are slightly recovered.  I’m cheating today and counting last night’s / this morning’s beer as my beer for today: The Aventinus Weizen Doppel Bock.  This is an award-winning beer and deservedly so.  Wow.  This beer kicked my behind — but it was awesome!  I brought some home to enjoy again … And I have to say, Schneider-Weisse makes great beer.

We continued our journey today (actually concluded it) by visiting the Weltenburg Kloster.  This place is beautiful … and they make award-winning beer as well.  I will tell more about the beers as I drink my six-pack of beers (over six different days).  In the meantime, enjoy a couple of pictures from this Baroque style Abbey/Church.

Oh, for the successful trip — see this picture of my “Beer Booty.” LOL

Beer Mentor

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