120 Days? 120 Beers?!? Yes, and a strong one …

I received my 120th beer at my favorite local Mexican Food restaurant.  My friend (and the owner) enjoyed my story about a different beer every day and he provided me with quite a unique beer for my 120th: the Schorschbraeu “16% ABV Schorsch Weizen.”

This beer is classified as the strongest Wheat Beer in the world following the Germany Purity Law.  This means there are no adjuncts in this beer — it has only the 4 ingredients — hops, malt, yeast, and water.

They also have another beer with 40% ABV!!  Ha ha!  This brewery is only a couple of hours from here — I’ve already called and asked for a tour of the brewery.  I should be heading over that way in the next couple of weeks.  Wait for a follow-on post.

This beer (in my mind) is comparable to the Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA … it is also a sweet tasting beer and it leaves that lingering alcohol (warm) finish in the back of the mouth.  It was actually a quite pleasant beer to drink.  Give it a try if you can get one!

Beer Mentor

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