Dad’s Birthday? Mack beer and Laundry

Dad’s birthday was today — happy birthday, Dad!  Well deserved — only a 67 year old middle-aged man! Ha!  Today, to celebrate your birthday, I had another Mack beer AND I did my laundry.  This was another Lite beer — Mack’s Arctic Lite (I’m saving the Arctic for later).

You will like the second part of my celebration for dad’s birthday — laundry.  I was trying to use these Norwegian washing machines which wouldn’t be so bad if they had instructions in English!  If you can figure out the instructions from these pictures, more power to you!

I finally got two of them working, finished the wash, then “hung them up to dry.”  This place had drying cages for your clothes — it is a separate warm room that dries them pretty quick.  Oh well, the wonderful experiences you get in different countries! LOL

Beer Mentor

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