Frozen “Beercicles.”

Cold is not really the right word to describe this location — Evenes, Norway.  I would say “Darn Cold.”  Maybe those are the right two words! (yes, that’s a frozen lake in the picture).

We rescued the four cases of German beer I had the guys bring with us … and by the time we got to them today, they were frozen.  Completely frozen.  Unfortunately, that means a few of them busted.  However, for those that didn’t break (which was a lot of them … I think only 5 – 6 of them broke) — when they thawed, they were still carbonated and tasted awesome.

One example (and my 104th beer) is the Schwaben BraeuDas Helle.”  What a nice surprise after yesterday’s Miller Lite.  This is a “Vollmundig” Pilsener … a good way to get the week really kicked off …

Beer Mentor

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