No. 99? – A Kloster brew obviously …

Well, today is my 99th in the beer journey, so I had a nice Schnitzel, homemade German Noodles (Spaetzle), and a Kellerpils for dinner from my favorite Biergarten: Zom Wuff … then for dessert, I topped it off with a Doppelbock from the Ettaler brewery: The Curator.

A small beer education — most Doppelbocks (Double Bock Beers) are given a name ending in “or.”  So you will find Doppelbocks in Germany with names like “Optimator” or “Salvator” or “Celebrator.”  Even Troegs brewery in the US named theirs “Troegenator.”  Of course, you can see that Ettaler used word play in their naming convention as well since their brewery is in an Abbey — thus, the Curator.  End of small beer lesson…
I was slightly disappointed with this brew — the taste was a little metallic right off the bat, then it settled down but the body was too thin in my opinion for a double.  I wish there was just a little more support for the Alcohol — it started warming me up about 1/2 way through it … I guess that was good. LOL

Either way, I will continue to enjoy the ride!

Beer Mentor

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