Catch my breath day — with a Hefe Weizen!

It always seems like a whirlwind on Monday for me–today was no different.  Started with a busy day at work … then went to a solemn memorial service for a soldier and played my bagpipes.  A time to reflect on life and death–and to continue to live by my mottoes: “Live Life 2 the Brim” and “Each Day is Meaningful.”

Every day I wake up and try to match these mottoes … no matter how big or small any of the activities I’m participating in that day, they are meaningful and I try to enjoy them to the fullest!

Today was no different and I wrapped it up with one of my favorite styles of German beers — a Hefe Weizen.  This one was from Hacker-Pschorr and it definitely hit the spot.

What a great way to close out a busy and meaningful day.

Beer Mentor

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