From Trier to Annweiler … a nice journey

Today we returned to Stuttgart from the Mosel … via Trier with a quick stop through Annweiler.

What can I say about Trier … search for the reference to it on a previous post.  I did go see the Roman Ampitheater and St Paulin’s Cathedral this time.  Wow.  Well worth a trip and another reason this is my favorite city in Germany.

From Trier we drove down through the Rhineland Palatinate Forest (Pfaelzerwald) to Annweiler and had a cake/coffee under the castle of Trifels.

Oh, I went ahead and had my beer for the day here too.  It was the Karlsberg feingold.  I’ve had a Karlsberg before, but it was the Ur-Pils.  This was a very nice beer–and a pleasant location to enjoy it!

Beer Mentor

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