Piesport, Germany – A little wine tasting … and a beer!

Today I traveled up to the Mosel Valley in Germany and stopped in a little village called Piesport.  This village is well-known for their wines–there is evidence that they’ve been making wine here for 2000 years — not 500 yards from our hotel was a Roman-Celtic wine cellar from the 3rd to 5th Century.

We went to a wonderful wine-tasting at the Spaeter-Veit Vineyard.  If you happen to be in Germany, on the Mosel, in Piesport — I highly recommend you stop at this place and sample their excellent wines.

Even in winter, the Mosel is a magical place…and even though I was feeling good from the wine-tasting, I still followed through with my mission and drank a beer. LOL!  What was it you ask?  A Kulmbacher Moenchshof “Original” Pilsner … sorry, no good description for this one … it’s probably pretty good, but I did drink it after about 2 liters of wine … sooooo …. because I’m dedicated to this task … here are the pictures! :)

Beer Mentor

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