Culture … and … Beer!

Today we were cultured and went to visit the Linden Museum in Stuttgart.  It was a fabulous cultural experience.  I did have one problem … I accidently used my flash on this picture of Adrienne … but you can see on the other two photos of Jill and Megan that I had conformed and turned off the flash.

It was all very culturally significant; and speaking of culture — I had another Trappist brew!  This one was the last of the Rochefort … number 10.  It was a very flavorful, aromatic brown beer — kind of a murky brown, but you could definitely tell it had some kick to it.  Especially the next morning when I had to take a couple of Tylenol … maybe that was the 1 liter of Volksfestbier I had before finishing off the Rochefort!  LOL


Beer Mentor

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