I’m no writer, just a beer drinker

I find it difficult to come up with things to say sometimes.  I will say that we went to Trier the day after Christmas.  This is considered to be the oldest city in Germany with a church built in the 300 – 400 AD range.  Here’s a picture of the current “Dom” in this location. I’m also including a picture of the Roman Gate (Porta Nigra) that was the entrance to the walled city (obviously built by the Romans).

We were visiting Trier and our German exchange student and her family.  They were a lot of fun and exceptionally nice.

What else did I do?  I had my beer for the day! LOL  An Erdinger Hefe Weizen.  Right in style and good flavor.  It filled a requirement, who could ask for more?!

Beer Mentor

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