Zwiefalten … a Monastery … and a Brewery.

Wow. It’s hard to do this church justice … just check out this picture (and, even better) this link to get a feel for what we visited today.  This baroque rococo style is my favorite architecture.  Amazing!

Before we visited the church, we stopped in at the Brewery guest house … this place was right by the brewery.  You can see in these two pictures that the “gaststaette” is connected to the brewery.

Once inside, we were treated to wonderful service (by Olja) and enjoyed an excellent Klosterbier … their Pilsner.  I even had a little “schnapps” made from hops.

Man, it sucks being me and being here.  You can also see that I brought home another 6 pack of Klosterbier to pad my total number of different beers.  If you get a chance, this place is worth the visit … or should I say, both places.  LOL

Beer Mentor

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