Yo, yo, yo — Merry Trappist Beer!

I’m getting into the Christmas spirit … and celebrating with the monks again!  Yes, tonight’s beer was another Trappist — but this one was a Rochefort (Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint Remay) … the first one of the Rocheforts I’ve had here in Germany.

This was quite the crunchy brunette — a lot of sediment, but a nice flavor in this brown beer.  This is the Rochefort #6 … 7.5% abv, so you won’t throw back a lot of these and remember what you had.  This was an excellent beer — I have to say I’m glad I have another 5 of them to drink … I’ll work my way up the numbers next (8 and 10)…then maybe another Westvleteren 12 to keep the count going!

Beer Mentor

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