Kloster bier? Yes, another Kloster bier …

This has been the month of monasteries and “klosters” for me…  I visited another monastery on Sunday (Bebenhausen) — no brewery, just a monastery.  This one is related to another monastery I visited in November: Maulbronn.  If you include the six Trappist Monasteries in Belgium I’m now up to 8 visited!  I plan on visiting Andechs (from a previous post … yes, they do have a brewery) and the one who made my beer for tonight: Reutberg Kloster.

I didn’t have my camera when I was drinking this one earlier, so you’ll just have to trust me.  I had the “Kloster Hell” — and no, Hell, in this since doesn’t mean that really hot place — Hell in German means “light.”  This is a light Pilsner (to the Germans, light in this sense means lower in Alcohol … so this one is 4.8%).

I have to say that it was a typical German Pilsner — very good!  The balance was excellent in terms of the hops to malt mix.  Worth a visit I think.

Beer Mentor

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