Today’s beer? “Pine Cone”

This evening a friend and I took the train downtown (Stuttgart) and decided to visit the Whiskey Bar I mentioned in a previous post.  Although we were somewhat focused on tasting whiskeys (Springbank 15 year old, Old Malt Cask Laphroaig 16 year old, Edradour 1996 / 13 Year old / Natural Cask, see the trend?) I knew I had to have my 1 beer to keep up my streak!

So, I went with a local (Black Forest) beer – “Tannenzaepfle.”  This means (in Schwabisch slang) “Pine Cone.”  It is from the Rothaus brewery in the Black Forest.  I bet you could guess what this one was … but I won’t leave you hanging — yes, it was a Pilsner.  But it was quite refreshing, and since it was sandwiched in between some very nice whiskeys, it was the right choice for the evening.

Beer Mentor

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