Tuesday Trappist Two-Fer

Yes, I am continuing my Trappist theme a little while longer.  Today I have pictures of beer from two of the Trappist monasteries.  First are pictures of my “haul” from Westvleteren this weekend.  The Abbey of Sint Sixtus only sells their beer to individual customers.  You must look at their website, find out the times you can call to order your beer.  When you call they will then give you the time and day you can pick up your beer.  When I called to order this batch I had to keep redialing for about 45 minutes.  Once it started ringing I let it ring 24 times!  I kept thinking, maybe I should hang up; but, they finally answered and I scheduled the time and date to pick up my two crates pictured here.

After I picked up my crates I went over to the Cafe/shop “In De Vrede.”  This is the only other (legal) place you can buy Westvleteren beer.  They will sell you a six pack (one per customer) of whichever beer they have available.  This trip they hand the blond and the Westvleteren 8 available.  Since I wanted both I opted out for their “gift box.”  It had two 12s, one 8, and one blonde (plus a glass).  As I’ve stated before, they don’t use labels, so you can only identify the beer by the bottle cap…

Finally, my beer for today is a blonde AND another Trappist beer.  This one is from the only Trappist brewery in the Netherlands and the only one I haven’t visited yet–Koningshoeven.  I enjoyed this one immensely — I really do like (so far) all of the Trappist blondes I’ve tried!

Beer Mentor

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