Hop Farm?! Abbey Cafe?! A nice blonde … beer! Yes

Don’t you hate it when you type in a long post and your computer freezes!?!?!!!

Today was awesome!  First I visited a Hop Farm — I will have another post on that soon.  The family who owned the farm (Mr. Lagache and his son) were excellent hosts.  They showed me around, answered all my questions — they even let me use their camera when my battery died! :) Very nice folks.

After the tour of the farm, I headed to Sint Sixtus Abbey to pick up my two cases of Westvleteren 12.  Of course I had to go over to In De Vrede (cafe near the abbey) and sample the “Paterskaas” and one of the Westvleteren Blondes.  The blonde was so smooth and tasty — I can’t decide which is my favorite!  However, I will keep trying all three of them to truly decide what I like.  I took these photos when I got back to the room — I had to recharge my battery.

You will notice no label on the bottle.  The Monks at this abbey use distinctive bottle caps to differentiate their beers.  In this picture you can see it is a blond and it was bottled on 10/20/09 — so it will be best to drink it by the date on the cap: 10/20/10.   5 days after my birthday! Happy B’Day to me!

Beer Mentor

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