Hey, let’s have a Zwick’l!

Today we went to the Naturfruenden Haus — right by the Barracks where I work (for lunch).  We decided to enjoy a little refreshment (just one …) and I had a nice little unfiltered Pilsner (see a trend here?) — called Zwick’l Kellerbier from Bayreuther Bierbrauerei.  I really like these Pils with the “Naturtrub” — It adds a little body to the beer that I really enjoy.

If I understand the German correctly, the name “Zwick’l” comes from the wooden plug “holzzwickel” used to reseal a keg once the brewmaster has tried the beer the first time to see if it is ready.  Of course, the name was shortened slightly, but this one came in its own special mug:

… I love Germany!

Beer Mentor

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