On the 12th day of beer trip, my true love gave to me …

“A beer in a tree.”  Actually, she’s given me more than that … she was completely supportive of my coming here to work so that I could have this experience.  Wow.  My advice to you — when you get a good one, keep her/him (You can’t have mine.)

Now, on to beer… today I had disappointment and then pleasure.  I went to tour the Dinkelacker brewery … unfortunately, it wasn’t open.

However, the restaurant “Brauerei-Gaststätte Dinkelacker Piorkowski” was open — they are right by the brewery.  Normally, on Sundays they are closed … but today… yes! Open!  So, I went in, sat at the bar (see pictures) and had a Maerzen Bier.  I was very happy with the flavor of this beer … and it went very well with my “Wild Venison Goulash and Spaetzle.”  Wow.  The overhead for the bar was the top of a large mash (or lauter) tun.  I took a picture of the outside and thee inside.  You can see the sliding door where they could access the grain, etc.

Very cool.  Nice day for the Beer Mentor.

Beer Mentor

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