Beer Apprentice – “Beer Consuming” Track #1

As an apprentice on the “Beer Consuming” Track (see this link for why this is important), there are 3 basic things on which to focus as you begin your training: 1) Picking a good beer, 2) Finding the right location to consume that beer, and 3) Finding the right people with which to drink that beer.

I will be publishing a syllabus in the near future for this track but in this post I wanted to focus your attention on step #2 … the right location.  There are several options available for you to find this information.

bmplogo1.jpg#1: Beer Mapping Project:  “They find the beer. You drink the beer.”  This site does exactly what it says.  It is focused on helping you find where the beer is located, whether that is a store, a pub, a tour, whatever!  This is a good starting point for your search.

bbb-2001.jpg#2: Brookston Beer Bulletin:  Jay has an extensive website devoted to the Craft Brew industry — populated on his site are breweries all over the U.S.  Check out what he has to offer in the way of finding good brews … and many other

These two sites should keep you busy in your first lesson towards your apprenticeship.  Stay tuned for the syllabus and the test for passing the first stage of your apprenticeship!

Beer Mentor

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